Saturday, January 28, 2012

The New Innovations That Are Going to Be Installed in the Future Cars

New innovations that are being added into cars are unlimited. Presently, we have the GPS system that is being incorporated into cars which makes traveling from one point to another very much easier. Before this high-tech system was installed in cars, you had to refer maps to do so. There are some more of the technological advancements that are being experimented with at the moment. Most of them are associated with computer technology.
One is the night vision systems that are being installed in some of the cars for experimental purposes. These cars are able to illuminate the road with infrared beams in order to find their paths in the night without switching on the lights. Though these are still on experimental stage, they will be incorporated in cars in a short time. There are two technologies that are being used by two companies on their efforts to perfect a good system.
One of the new technologies that are going to be used in cars will detect objects in front and will display all the details about them on the dashboard. In some systems the display is going to be in the windshield. The advantage of this system is that even if a car comes behind you at high-speed on the same lane in which your car is being driven, the system could warn you and show you how to change lanes to avoid collision.
There are efforts to use the same technology to help repair cars. Now, at least one company is developing a pair of glasses for technicians that help the technician to locate faults easily. Once the fault is located, he could do the repairs after referring the manual or a video that gives detailed instructions on how to do the necessary repairs.
There are efforts to provide this facility to passengers of cars as well. In a system that provides this technology to passengers, they will be able to look at an object with a glass and get such details as the nature of the object and distance from the car to object etc.
When all these new technologies are incorporated in cars, it will easier to drive them and the roads are going to be safer places. On top of all, you will save valuable time and your hard-earned money spent of staying in traffic jams. The day they become realities is not going to be far away.