Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Easily Search Used Car in Bangalore

Sometime people prefer used car for affordable price that when they search cars for sale in Bangalore, they will search specifically for used car category. Nevertheless, used cars for sale are big number and you will find it hard to search the car you want. Is there anything could simpler the process?

To make it easier on your search for Used Cars in Bangalore, you need to visit classified ads website in India, chose Bangalore as the city you want and click ‘cars’ category and choose used condition. You will find useful advanced search tools on the webpage. You can choose specific maker and specific model. You can short them by year, price range, and mileage range. The page will show car ads that match your criteria. To make it easier you can short the ads by ads with photo only and you can choose the seller whether you want individual seller or business. You will find it very easy to find specific car you want.

Nevertheless, you need to careful before you buy second hand cars in Bangalore. Make sure you do a test and legal check to the car. Remember that used car is not the same with new car and so many illegal cars out there.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The great advantage for the gamblers

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For more information about online casino games the online casino at Wikipedia may be quite helpful. Wikipedia offers complete information dealing with online casino and how to deal with it. There are many gamblers that want to play better games with more applications and bonuses that give them more opportunities to win the games and earn money from the progressive games.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Buyer and Seller Safety With Online Classifieds

The online classifieds industry is booming and growing larger by the day compared with traditional newspaper classifieds that are slowly disappearing into the abyss. The reasoning for this shift is simply explained in convenience and functionality. After all you can search online and quickly find what you're looking for, whereas in a newspaper you have to sift through them one by one trying to find what you want.
However, this convenience comes at the price of security which many people don't realise until they experience it first hand and become the victim of fraud or identity theft. The large online classifieds and auction websites introduce many measures to minimize fraud with a variety of mechanisms including:
- Validation via email (insecure).
- Validation via land line telephone
- Validation via SMS cell / mobile phone.
- Payment verification via Credit Card
- IP Address location algorithms
- Physical address validation
Yet these security measures come at a price to the website operators by making their websites more difficult to use and reduces user participation. The increased complexity leaves many people who are not very technology savvy lost and confused so they find themselves on simplistic websites that accept listings without validation.
The simplicity is great for user participation, but it is also fantastic for fraudsters who take advantage of the lack of security on these sites.
This is quite concerning particularly when the demand for this simplicity is increasing with the increased use of smart phones where simplicity is paramount. In recent times many start-up's are working on exclusively mobile oriented local classifieds systems that are extremely simple to use, but there appears to be a lack of consideration on security with a pure focus to simplicity, user interaction and growth.
So how does one identify a potential fraudster when it comes to buying and selling online? Well there are a number of key indicators that everyone should be aware of:
- The mention of utilization of a 'buyers agent'.
- Unable to contact via telephone due to being on an oil rig, mines, etc.
- Underpriced items, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
- Discussions of using the so called 'eBay Protection Program' when the sale isn't on eBay.
- Offers to purchase a large ticket item without an inspection, such as a car, bike or boat.
Ultimately the best and safest way to purchase online is to buy and sell locally, meet the opposing party in person, and exchange payment with cash, but this does not mean that if you are buying and selling big ticket items that will ultimately be paid by cash or cheque that any communication with a buyer via e-mail is safe. Many scams target big ticket items due to the increased participation and communication involved between the parties and therefore probe for information in a manner that leads to identity theft. This is particularly rampant amongst used car sales online.
If you must buy from someone that you cannot meet, you must be extremely cautious and buy from reputable persons only. Look for sites with user reputation systems, review other listings by the same person, and see how long that particular user has been a member of the website.
Buyer and Seller safety is of the utmost importance in this growing industry however it is often overlooked by newcomers in the space, however even the most stringent security measures can be bypassed by fraudsters via identity theft and stolen credit cards, so you cannot assume safety when it comes to buying and selling online with any website, big or small.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Chevrolet Malibu Review and Road Test

If you bought a Chevrolet Malibu prior to 2008 you most likely did it for practical reasons rather than emotional ones. It is highly unlikely that the Malibu from that era would evoke any kind of emotion beyond a certain sense of security because you knew what you were getting: value, reliability and of course it was a sensible decision. Nowadays the Malibu is still a sensible decision, it just isn't as boring. In 2008 the Malibu was totally re-designed to be much more visually appealing, as well as a host of technical improvements. It was so good at the time in fact that it was awarded North American car of the year. But that was 2008, the question a car buyer asks in 2012 is; how does it stack up now?
On the inside the Malibu is appealing to look at. The dash has a nice flow to it that leads down to the centre console. The materials are soft to the touch and appear well put together. The manual heating and ventilation controls along with the generic GM stereo unit look a little dated but are functional and easy to use. The switch gear on the doors could also use an update. Seats are comfortable and look great when equipped with the leather and suede option. Head and leg room is good for taller people and everything can be adjusted for all most any size of driver. The back seats have adequate leg room but not class leading. For safety the Malibu has thorax and head curtain airbags as well as the standard ones in the steering wheel and dash in front of the passenger. Overall the interior of the Malibu is nice, but not the best on the market.
On the road the Malibu has a nice ride that you would expect from a more expensive car. This is thanks in part to the fact that the Malibu has one of the longest wheel bases in its class at 112". This allows the car to take the bumps very smoothly. You will also be struck by how quiet the interior is. GM has laminated the windshield and front side windows to reduce noise coming from the outside. The car feels solid over most bumps not rattling like many GM sedans that came before it.
Most Malibu's are being bought with the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine with 169 horsepower because of fuel prices. The engine is good enough when hooked up to the 6-speed automatic. Originally the 4 cylinder came hooked to a truly awful 4-speed automatic that was bad on fuel and worse at acceleration. Whether in the city or on the highway the 4 cylinder/6-speed combination gets good fuel economy. The optional 3.6L V6 engine with 252 horsepower is considerably quicker than the 4 cylinder is. It is actually quite fun to drive. The V6 however is a little too thirsty on fuel to appeal to the commuters that typically purchase midsize cars. V6 sales in this segment have dipped to low that they seem to getting phased out. The Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima have ditched the V6 option from their model line ups, instead opting for a 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder engine. GM has its own turbo 2.0L 4 cylinder that should find its way into the next generation of Malibu.
Steering is lazy and unresponsive, but then again this isn't marketed as a sport sedan. Handling is reasonably good with little body roll. When pushed hard in the corners the conservative Malibu feels reluctant but doesn't make you feel like it's about to lose control. Buyers looking for a sporty drive will want to consider the Buick Regal or Honda Accord.
Exterior styling is nice enough and looks like a more expensive car when you glance at it. There are many choices for wheels. Any buyer with a modicum of taste will want to do their best to avoid the tacky "chrome clad" wheel option. Simply put this is a plastic chrome finish pressed over a standard alloy wheel. The result is a wheel with a lip that hangs the better part of an inch over the edge of the rim. Not only does it look bad but it is prone to getting scraped on curbs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tips for When Test Driving a Car

When looking to purchase a car it's advised that you take it for a test drive before committing to buy it. Taking a test drive in a vehicle ensures that you like the way the car feel and you enjoy driving it. It may also outline any underlying problems with the car that normally you wouldn't be able to see if it was stationary. Here are a few tips to help you decide if the car is the right one for you whilst you're test driving it.
First, think about what you will use the car for mainly. Do you drive down the motorway a lot or are you more of a city driver? Depending on the primary use of the car will depend where you should test the car for longer. You should take the vehicle for at least a half an hour drive and test it on all different kinds of roads. Split this half an hour up into sections and spend longer on the roads you will use the most.
By sitting in a stationary car you can't really tell if it will be a comfortable drive or not, and that's why it's vital to test drive a car when considering buying it. Adjust the seat and the steering column to a comfortable position before you start your test drive and make sure it remains comfortable even when driving.
Another good tip is to take a look around the car to see if it has any blind spots that may jeopardise safety when driving or parking. The best way to test this is to try reversing into a parking space to make sure the rear visibility is good. This is something that wouldn't be blatantly obvious when stationary in a car and only becomes obvious when put into practice.
The way a car performs can tell you a lot about the condition of it and maybe even outline any underlying problems. The next tip is to find a safe place and test the braking, acceleration and turning of the vehicle. Making sure that it handles and performs as it should do is important, an excellent example of a well performing car is the vehicle you drive when on your driving lessons as they are maintained and kept well.
Comfort of your passengers is also very important in a car so when you have finished your test drive take a seat in the front passenger's seat and the back, if are any.
Listen out for any unusual noises or sounds throughout the whole duration of your test drive. Any unusual noises may indicate there is something wrong with the car and this is never a good sign.
If you're viewing a number of different cars then try to test drive them all on the same day. This way all the cars are fresh in your memory and you can make an informed choice using what you liked and disliked about all the cars you drove. You should find that when on your driving lessons you can ask your instructor for more tips on test driving a car.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What The ECU Does on Your Dodge Avenger

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a device which controls a number of features of the internal combustion engine. ECUs are found on the large majority of modern cars and will be available when it comes to all cars like Dodge Avengers and other quality models. The earliest ECUs used to only control exactly how much fuel is injected into each cylinder, but now the ECU controls a wide variety of functions.
But what does the Dodge Avenger ECU do, and how does it make the car perform at its very best?
Fuel Injection
The Dodge Avenger ECU will play a vital role when it comes to fuel injection. It plays this role by deciding exactly how much fuel will be pushed through into the cylinders. Not all engines use a fuel injection system, but the large majority of the Dodge franchise does and continues to use engines which operate with this process
The way it works is that the sensors will regularly report the status of the engine to the vehicle's control unit. For example, the throttle position sensor may report that the throttle pedal is being pressed down. The mass flow sensor will then be activated and will measure the amount of air being sucked through the valves and into the engine. This will tell the ECU to inject some more fuel into the cylinders.
Idle Speed Control
The large majority of systems have the idle speed function built into them. The Dodge Avenger ECU is no exception. The main function of the idle speed control is to monitor the timing of the engine.
But why does this matter in the slightest? Well it monitors the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine and it will dictate the functions for valve timing, fuel injection, and spark events. Essentially, the idle speed control is designed to regulate the speed of the whole system.
Electronic Valve Control
Electronic valve control is a vital part of the whole system because it delivers the benefit of being able to start the engine without using a starter motor. It does this by controlling the exhaust and intake valves electronically.
Variable Valve Control
This is a crucial feature when it comes to the Dodge Avenger because it will ultimately save on fuel bills and other costs as it optimises the economical features of the whole car. Furthermore, it also harnesses and optimises the full power of the Dodge's engine.
In a nutshell, the variable valve control function means that the ECU times the opening of the valves according to the speed of the vehicle.
For example, if the vehicle is going at a high speed then the Dodge Avenger ECU will open the valves sooner than it would if the vehicle was going at a lower speed. This gives the vehicle direct control over the air flow to the cylinders, and this also means that it simultaneously controls the amount of fuel injected into the Dodge's engine.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Innovative Luxury Vehicles

The joy of owning a luxury vehicle is in the knowledge that the latest technological innovations in automotive engineering are made available for these prestigious luxury cars.
Powerful engine technologies, efficiency features and advanced safety systems are among the many innovations which set these luxury vehicles apart.
Efficiency features
Numerous innovations in various efficiency measures encapsulate the cutting-edge technology that is at the very heart of luxury vehicles.
One of the key efficiency features in modern luxury vehicles is the on-board computer with an efficiency programme which is linked to a driver information system that displays data relevant to fuel consumption and gives recommendations for more efficient driving.
Start-stop systems turn the engine off when the car is at rest before quietly, conveniently, and quickly turning the engine back on when the clutch pedal is depressed, drastically reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
An energy recovery system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy via an intelligent voltage controller that recovers energy during braking and coasting phases of a journey. This temporarily stored energy is directed back into the vehicle as soon as the car accelerates again.
Even the engines are equipped with a particularly efficient method of direct injection where fuel is metered with precision and injected directly into the combustion chamber to ensure efficient combustion and better utilisation.
Advanced safety
Innovative luxury vehicles offer drivers a range of protective and preventative systems to ensure maximum safety on the road. Pre-sense systems, adaptive headlights and electronic stability programmes all work together to give drivers not only a greater reaction time but more control at a critical moment.
Pre-sense systems employ preventive protection measures to mitigate the consequences of a collision with front and rear radar sensors and a video camera monitoring the road ahead. This system is critical if a dangerous driving situation happens to arise and has the ability to warn the driver, increase the braking force or even activate preventive protection systems.
Innovative luxury vehicles are able to quickly and efficiently adapt to these situations through a sophisticated electronic stability programme which improves the vehicle's stability by detecting and minimizing skids. They can detect when there is a loss of steering control and automatically apply the brakes to help keep a vehicle in the direction intended by the driver.
Adaptive headlights are designed to dynamically adjust to the movements of the steering-wheel, as well as changes in the vehicle's heading. They calculate the necessary change in headlight position from various parameters including road speed, steering angle and yaw rate and can swivel up to 15°, thus effectively illuminating the path of the road ahead during cornering.
Through constant innovation these efficient luxury cars push the boundaries of what is achievable within the automotive industry. They represent a new generation of drive technologies all working in concert to convert motoring passion into pure joy and the most superior driving experience by far.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Important Car Maintenance Tips That Will Improve the Reliability of Your Car

Buying a car is not a difficult task, especially if you buy a brand new one. But maintaining one is not easy. One thing is that you need to have some knowledge on the mechanics of your vehicle and the other thing is that you need to be ready to spend a few hours once in a way on the maintenance of your automobile. The reliability and the longevity are the two factors that depend on how you maintain your vehicle.
If you want to get the best out of your car, it is necessary for you to maintain it once a month. The first thing is to check the tire pressure. Even though the four wheels may look similar, you never know if one or more of them have lower pressure. Therefore, use a reliable pressure gauge and check the pressure of the four wheels and the spare wheel. If there are differences, make the correction by inflating all four wheels to obtain the recommended pressures.
Open the hood and take out the oil gauge to check oil level once a month. At the same time, you need to check if your radiator has sufficient level of coolant. If the reserve tank for the coolant has it at a certain level, you never need to open the radiator cap. Both engine oil level and radiator coolant are very important for a car.
Checking the air filter is also an essential bit of maintenance as a clogged air filter could hamper the performance of a car very easily. When you check if you find it dirty, remove it and replace it with a new one. You could buy the air filter directly from the agency for your automobile. When you do so, you will also get a discount. In case you install it yourself, you will save the labor costs also. When you look at the owner's manual, you might find how to replace the air filter.
Though they are a pair of rubber boots your CV joint boots are very important. It is a must to check them at least once a month in order to find that they are not torn. When they get damaged the grease inside them will leak and the CV joint will get exposed to dirt. In case it wears off, it will cost a lot to replace the CV joint. Therefore, replace the damaged boots.
These are the most important maintenance tips to follow but there are many more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Audi A4 Diesel Engine: Challenging Traditions, Breaking Norms

This competitor of BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class was introduced in 1994 and is based on VW's MLB platform. Though initially it couldn't compete with performance and looks of 3 Series, or even C Class for that matter, but tides of time started shifting in Audi's favor from 2001 when B6, or second generation, A4 was unveiled. A4 still maintained its distinctive Audi looks but styling, finish and performance were on another level, ever since 2001 Audi is incorporating similar sporty design in all of its vehicles. Completely redesigned exterior and interior made A4 an instant success. From a compact executive car struggling with mediocre makes, A4 instantly entered the elite group and was compared favorably with icons like BMW and Mercedes.
The second generation A4 garnered massive support from press and media mainly because of its V6s, both in diesel and petrol. 2.5 litre Audi A4 diesel engine was one of the most talked about diesel engine, it was capable of producing 178 bhp whereas the equivalent 2.4 litre petrol engine produced 168 bhp. B7 or third generation A4 incorporated similar design features and continued with sports theme. Audi increased more engine variants both in petrol and diesel category to better capture the market in compact executive sedan category. This time around Audi included three turbo charged, 1.8 litre (20v), 1.8 litre (16v) and2.0 litre (16v) petrol engines, whereas whole diesel lineup was based on TDI technology.
Traditionally Audi A4 is a front wheel drive car, gearbox at the rear, in third generation Audi introduced "Quattro" or AWD models as well, to better compete with rear wheel drive BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class. Inclusion of AWD became an instant hit as now the biggest Audi A4 diesel engine, 3.0 litre V6 with 233 bhp, could cover 0-60 miles in less than 7 seconds, whereas the biggest petrol engine, 3.6 litre V6 with 256 bhp, managed same feat in under 6.4 seconds.
Previously A4 was mainly competing on looks, as of third generation it started competing with BMW and Mercedes on performance grounds as well. This generation continued from 2006 till 2008. B8, fourth and current generation of A4, produced from 2008 onwards, is designed on similar notes as Audi's R8, with almost identical daylight LEDs. Fourth generation A4 became a top seller in US instantly, because of sportier styling and similar high performing petrol and diesel engines.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transport Your Vehicle At A Low Price With Auto Transport Services

If you want a company to move your vehicle, you will need to engage in some serious research first. A simple internet search term for "auto transport discount" will reveal thousands of hits and it is your job to find the best ones. However, unless you really know what you are talking about, how do you recognize with auto transport discount offer is genuine and which one should not be trusted with a raw egg, let alone your vehicle? One great thing is that simply by looking into the different companies that are around, you will already learn a lot of about methods of transportation.
Finding Quotations For Auto Transport Discount
As stated earlier, the best way to learn about transporting your car is by contacting companies. However, as also stated before, an internet search will present you with thousands of hits and you probably don't have the time to try them out both. People usually presume that the hits that appear on the first page are also the best. They usually are, but you should not accept this blindly. It is possible that the owner of the website is better at SEO marketing than he or she is at offering auto transport discount. So, unfortunately, it isn't as simple as contacting the top five companies and hoping for the best. So how do you get a shortlist of companies that you can ask for quotations? Using common sense is generally the best policy. Look through the results for auto transport companies that you have found and think about which ones strike you as genuine and which ones do not. As stated earlier, most of the really good companies offering auto transport discount do manage to get on the first page of Google, so realistically you only have to sift through those results, or perhaps go to the second page as well. Take a look at the websites and dismiss the ones who have a website that is poorly designed or poorly written, as well as those that are too flashy. That is a very common sales gimmick and quite simply not what you should be looking for. Hopefully, once you have completed this, you should be left with no more than five different companies offering auto transport discount and with a bit of luck, the best nationwide car transport service is among that. Getting five quotations is always the best policy, because it allows you to really compare the different offers and find out who offers the best value for money. Always remember that value for money does not mean cheap. Speak to each of the companies you are considering and tell them about the vehicle that you want to have transported. Ask them how they intend to transport it. This will allow you to get a good idea of the methods employed by companies offering auto transport discount. Always ask why they choose a specific method, as this will give you a better idea of what seems safest to you.
Using The Online World Even More To Find The Best Nationwide Car Transport Service
You can actually use the internet to your benefit even more. As shown, the internet should already help you to find the best nationwide car transport service, but it also allows you to have a wider search range. If you were to use the yellow pages only, you will be limited to your geographical area and this is not necessarily the best auto transport discount that is out there. Not just that, if you were to purchase a vehicle that is far from your geographical area, it will make much better business sense to use a company that is nearer to the location of the vehicle, rather than your location as this will usually work out cheaper.
Using the internet will also help you to keep costs down significantly. A lot of companies claim that if you can find the same like for like quotation at a cheaper price, they will match it or even go below it. True, this can add some time in your quest for the best auto transport companies, but we live in difficult economic times and getting the best deal on something is very important. Also, the internet may even provide you with price comparison websites for auto transport discount, where you will be able to find the best price at just a glance. Remember, however, that finding the best price does not necessarily give you the best possible company so make sure you still check the companies out one by one. Last but certainly not least, finding a company online and booking your car transport online may give you even further discounts. Clearly, the internet is your best friend in the search for auto transport discount. Make sure you use it to the best of your advantage.
What To Expect From The Service
Armed with all this information, you should be able to find the best value for money on your auto transport service. But what can you expect from an auto transport company? What service will you receive and what will they actually do? An auto transport company is able to transport vehicles from one location to another. This can be beneficial if you work for a salvage company or own a scrap yard. Or perhaps you have seen the car of your dreams on the other side of the country and don't actually have the possibility to go out there and drive it back yourself. An auto transport discount service is there to load up your vehicle or vehicles and drive it to whichever destination you want. The vehicle is securely strapped on the back of a truck, together with any other vehicle, and is taken to its destination. The best nationwide car transport service will always be happy to explain further details about this to you. Don't confuse auto transport discount services with tow trucks. A tow truck tows a car over a relatively short distance. This can be because they have committed a parking violation or because they have broken down alongside a road. Whichever the case, the key here is that this service is not applicable for long distances. After all, you couldn't tow a car all across California for example.
The Bottom Line
Basically, you should never feel rushed in making a decision. An auto transport company tends to transport an item that is generally of high value. A car, after all, is not a cheap toy that can easily be disposed of. Make sure you pay very close attention to all the quotations you receive. Read all the small print on any details that you get sent from the auto transport discount company. Think about such things as what sort of insurance they have, what would happen in case your vehicle arrives damaged, what would happen if they don't arrive on time. If your car has to be transported over very long distances, make sure that the auto transport discount service has measures in place to protect the health and safety of their drivers. Do they have machines installed that force the trucks to go no faster than a certain speed? What arrangements do they have in terms of working hours? Also look at the company's history. Have they had mainly satisfied customers and if not, what were the complaints? When looking at the complaints that an auto transport company has received, it is not so much about the content of the complaint, it is about how the company has responded to this. Remember that there are people out there who feel complaining is a national sport, which makes it clear that the reaction in dealing with any complaint is far more important.
You should now be armed with all the information that you could possibly need to find the best auto transport company. Always remember that it is good to look for an auto transport discount, but that price should not be the main driver in finding the best nationwide car transport service. Indeed, what is important is that the auto transport discount company that you intend to work with is safe and experienced in dealing with what you need. Do they know the vehicle or vehicles that you want transporting? Do they understand how to keep things safe and secure? Do they protect their staff? Do they have a good track record? For one last bit of security, you could once again use the internet to find reviews on the different auto transport discount services that are out there. Do make sure that these reviews are independent and not actually from the company itself. Also, don't trust the reviews you read on the company's website. They are highly unlikely to post anything on there that is highly negative. This doesn't mean that the positive reviews on the service aren't genuine. However, they will not give you the complete picture of customer experience. Never be afraid to ask questions, a good company should be happy to answer any query.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Towing Services Are Available Around the Clock

For towing services that you can trust, hire a company that has been around for a long time. This type of service is something that is needed all the time. Most people only need this type of service a couple times throughout their entire lifetimes. Other people may need it more frequently. This is a service offered to people at all times of the day. It is usually not something that can be planned because most cases are due to emergencies. An emergency generally includes when a car breaks down or when a vehicle is involved in an accident. If a car cannot be driven for any reason, a person might need to hire a company like this. When you need these services, call a company that you can trust.
Most of these companies have the appropriate equipment for loading all types of vehicles. Some companies even have the ability to haul semi-trucks. When a towing company is called out because of an accident, there is a good chance that the truck will have to pull the wrecked vehicle out of a ditch or from the side of the road. This is hard to do without the appropriate equipment. A company like this is easily able to pull most vehicles out of even the roughest situations. Once the company gets it pulled out, it can attach it to the truck and haul it in. The vehicle may be going to the trucking company, a repair shop, a junk yard or the person's home. This will all depend on the condition it is in, and the desires of the owner.
A lot of people will call a towing company if they are driving and their car breaks down. If you are stranded somewhere, this is the business you should call. These businesses are available 24 hours a day. This is convenient for many people because many times a car will break down during late hours of the day. If the company was not open all the time, the person would have to leave the car on the side of the road for days. If they do not move it, the police might have it removed. These services are also great if you decide to haul an old car to a junk yard. If you have a car setting around your yard that hasn't run in years, you can earn some cash by bringing it in to a junk yard. To do this, you must hire a towing company to come pick it up. You will have to pay for this service; however, you will earn cash on the spot from the junk yard. Most junk yards will accept any types of vehicles, no matter what the condition is. They don't even care if the vehicles do not run. They want the cars for the parts and for the material. Next time you need these services, call a reliable company that is open 24 hours a day. Have them pick up your broken down car.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The New Innovations That Are Going to Be Installed in the Future Cars

New innovations that are being added into cars are unlimited. Presently, we have the GPS system that is being incorporated into cars which makes traveling from one point to another very much easier. Before this high-tech system was installed in cars, you had to refer maps to do so. There are some more of the technological advancements that are being experimented with at the moment. Most of them are associated with computer technology.
One is the night vision systems that are being installed in some of the cars for experimental purposes. These cars are able to illuminate the road with infrared beams in order to find their paths in the night without switching on the lights. Though these are still on experimental stage, they will be incorporated in cars in a short time. There are two technologies that are being used by two companies on their efforts to perfect a good system.
One of the new technologies that are going to be used in cars will detect objects in front and will display all the details about them on the dashboard. In some systems the display is going to be in the windshield. The advantage of this system is that even if a car comes behind you at high-speed on the same lane in which your car is being driven, the system could warn you and show you how to change lanes to avoid collision.
There are efforts to use the same technology to help repair cars. Now, at least one company is developing a pair of glasses for technicians that help the technician to locate faults easily. Once the fault is located, he could do the repairs after referring the manual or a video that gives detailed instructions on how to do the necessary repairs.
There are efforts to provide this facility to passengers of cars as well. In a system that provides this technology to passengers, they will be able to look at an object with a glass and get such details as the nature of the object and distance from the car to object etc.
When all these new technologies are incorporated in cars, it will easier to drive them and the roads are going to be safer places. On top of all, you will save valuable time and your hard-earned money spent of staying in traffic jams. The day they become realities is not going to be far away.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2013 Nissan GT-R - Let's Settle the Debate

Some will argue that the 2013 Nissan GT-R is too tame, overly sophisticated, and even soft, making it an unworthy successor to the R34 GT-R. True, the current generation GT-R is loaded with more tech than a spaceship, well not quite but you get the picture, and worse yet, flappy paddles have replaced the tried and true stick and clutch. What you're left with is a driving experience that may not be quite as engaging as many GT-R enthusiasts would expect. No one can argue that and we all know this story by now. But, let's also consider what else the GT-R was known for, the GT-R became the legend that it is, especially within tuning communities, due to its amazing performance in stock form and seemingly limitless potential. In that regard, the GT-R is still every bit a true GT-R and then some. A stock 2013 Nissan GT-R comes with 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque. Meaning, that there's plenty of power on tap and being delivered via an all-wheel drive system, per usual. This combination of insane power and incredible grip enables the 2013 GT-R to hit 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. That type of speed is hard not to fall in love with. Whether or not that's enough for you to forgive the fact that the car is doing all the work, effortlessly swapping through gears at the blink of an eye, is something that only you can determine based on your own preferences.
Aftermarket tuners, such as AMS Performance are also showing that the sky is still the limit. Initially, it was said that the GT-R wouldn't be highly modable, but again in the right hands the Nissan GT-R can be modified to a point that will have your average car igniting in flames at the mere thought of producing the power that the GT-R is capable of. AMS started with the Alpha 12 GT-R, a ridiculous build that produces over 1,300 whp at 35 psi of boost! What that equates to, besides one heck of a ride, is a quarter mile time of 9.05 seconds. You simply cannot produce those numbers, let alone maintain street-ability at the same time in many other cars. The R34 was one of the few cars that could consistently surpass the 1,000 horsepower mark without needing to be towed to and from the drag strip. Now, the R35 finds itself in the same company. More recently, AMS Performance has taken things even further with their newest build, the AMS Alpha Omega. The Alpha Omega runs the ¼ mile in 8.62 seconds at 173.81mph. It also holds the GT-R top speed record of 218mph, completed at the Texas Mile.
Which begs the question, isn't this what the GT-R is all about? Great stock performance, value, and amazing potential, a tuners wet dream. By now, it should be safe to say that the R35 easily fits the same mold as the R34 in that regard, yet there are still naysayers out there. If you're really hung-up on the transmission you could always take a page from the Ben Sopra GT-R, which uses a Holinger sequential, slightly moving things in the right direction.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Used Car Sales: Both Parties Can Make It Ride

Pertaining to most consumers, the vendor's reputation affects the price that people are willing to pay for a used car. Statistics have shown that the amount of advertising paraphernalia or hype produced has no significant affect on the acceptable price of the vehicle. The vendor is the one that can affect the amount the consumer is willing to pay.
The used car business has exploded over the years. Some consumers don't know all of the options, when it comes to used car shopping. These vehicles are available at many corner car lots, brand name dealers, auctions, article advertisements and online. It is amazing how much this industry has grown. Over the years the used car sales, of North America, have racked sales in the $81 billion range. That is truly remarkable. Surprisingly, eBay has contributed to high marks in sales, in addition to the Manheim Auto Auction vendor.
Both shopping and selling online or at a 'brick and mortar' establishment has its risk factors. On one hand, the consumer's concerns gear towards the seller's honesty and integrity of the sale. On the other hand, the vendor has to be concerned about the possibilities of a non-payment; causing a loss of sale. However, the sale over the internet is still labeled as being more risky...? They are just paranoid.
Both buyers and sellers have been participating in internet used car sales. The options of remaining professional and secure are always available. Granted, as previously stated, the reputation of the seller does have a principle affect on just how much monetary trust will be invested, by consumers. Moreover, eBay showed its stance by offering a STS (Short-term-service) warranty on a used car. This particular warranty covers a 1 month/1,000 mile limited coverage of the vehicle, without adding an extra fee to the sale on either end; the consumer or vendor.
Both parties of the sale will develop a reputation; so, it goes both ways. On the eBay website, there are feedback segments available for the buyer/seller to communicate the valued outcome of the transaction experience. Both positions are equally valuable. Honesty, is the best option. Sellers should include the pertinent information: the year, model, color, transmission type, engine size, mileage, and the other options installed in or on the vehicle. This, in turn, will promote the value of the sale, while promoting the used car industry. All in all, the availability of used car sales will remain consistent. Conversely, it it the responsibility of the market and its consumers to ensure a smooth ride.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Performance With a Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU

The purpose of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU)installed in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, is designed to maintain the correct fuel/oxygen ratio. It controls the richness factor related to the mixture of the two elements, ensuring a well balanced power and fuel efficiency is maintained. A Jeep Grand Cherokee performance chip is a means of improving your throttle response and the engine horsepower. The function of this component is not designed to increase the actual power; it has the purpose of helping to utilise the advantages that are already available with the ECU, generally termed a Power-train Control Module (PCM).
A Jeep Grand Cherokee performance chipmodifies signals interpreted by the ECU and then adjusts the fuel curve. It is designed to create the best fuel/oxygen ratio to provide the vehicle with added horsepower, with a variant in the ratio setting between 12/1 and 14.7/1. As power is increased, the performance chip effectively decreases your fuel economy factor by a reported maximum of half-mile a gallon. The installation of this innovative component will not in any respect, prejudice the factory warranty and it is recorded that it operates efficiently with other minor performance upgrades that have already been installed.
Road conditions are a primary influence on fuel consumptionand the ability of drivers to use their vehicles as economically as possible has become increasingly dependent on a controlling device and its effect on performance. The innovation of this unit will automatically calculate the RPM, related to the engine load and thereafter diagnose the most favourable time to open the valve. This ensures the facility of precise timing with the combustion. The ECU has the capacity of controlling various actuators, which ensures high performance levels in an internal combustion engine. The creation of this factor is by way of multiple sensors, which supply data to the device. The related values are transformed into usually referred to ''Look-up Tables'' and based on this information the actuators are adjusted to meet the prevailing, driving conditions.
The electronic controlling device or PCM has a construction primarily consisting of microprocessors and various actuators. Since the recorded inception of this type of device in 1939 by BMW, it has introduced a new concept of performances in automobiles. In the process the need for sometimes, erratic manual control of fuel/oxygen mixture and ignition timing has been eliminated. The Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU determines the quantity of fuel to be injected, based on for example, the position of the throttle, the facility of air related to its quality and available quantity and the temperature of the engine coolant.
A controlling unit will adjust the timingto an extent whereby increased power would be experienced, with the benefit of improved fuel economy. Any form of knocking from the engine would be detected and the timing of the spark would accordingly be retarded, or delayed. As this type of actions usually occurs at low engine revolutions, a consequence would be for the device to instruct the Transmission Control Module to activate a gear downshift, to match the recorded RPM factor.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Brake Repair Basic Knowledge

Keeping a vehicle safe is paramount. Almost everyone wears their seat belts and makes sure to pay attention on the road. Most responsible drivers don't speed or run red lights and we all know not to drink and drive. But what are we doing to ensure there is not a catastrophic mechanical failure. Well one good way to make sure that this does not happen is to stay abreast of maintenance and have regular inspections of the vehicle and tune-ups of its systems. As part of that task one should be sure to have occasional brake repair and make sure that the most vital system is in good condition.
Having some knowledge of one's own is a good start to the process and will ensure that when there is a problem it is the driver who recognizes it first even before it begins to cause issues. One should do the research and learn what different sounds and feelings signal so that they can be prepared to assess what is going on and how urgent it is to have brake repair.
Preferably you would be able to examine the system in a dire situation and be able to determine what the problem was even if they were stranded miles form the nearest garage. Also, in situations like this if one has a small amount of requisite knowledge it can sometimes be possible to fix it oneself and not have to have the vehicle towed. Even if it is not possible to fix it hopefully it will give the driver the ability to explain to a mechanic or towing service over the phone what the problem seems to be.
The first place to begin is understanding what type of system is installed on the vehicle so that you know what sort of brake repair may be necessary. There are drum systems that apply a pad to a drum in order to slow the rotation of the wheels. The other type involves a rotor being squeezed by pads. Regardless of what kind of system is used they both use hydraulic pressure to function. If there seems to be a sudden loss of braking ability it may be indicative that there has been a leak and that the system is low on fluid.
For brake repair it is always better to rely on the services of a professional but that is not always possible. In emergencies understanding what is happening to the vehicle and what needs to be done can make a huge difference in assuring that safety is protected. A small amount of research and exploration of the car can offer a world of information.